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Another pet!!

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Hi there,


I am the proud owner of 1 white Boxer dog, 1 ginger tom (I used to have 5 cats but due to illness and old age I'm now down to 1) 6 guinea pigs, 1 cockerel, 7 hens and 4 chicks (12 weeks old now and ones a young man if anyone would like to give him a new home). Anyway, I went to my local farm to stock up on pet food etc and they didn't have my dog food so I had to nip to my local pet superstore, behind the counter was a sign...... 'new home needed for Nibbles' yes you've guessed it...... I'm now the owner of a very beautiful rabbit. He's 3 and his owners daughter had lost interest in him so her dad made her write a very honest advert for him, and here he is, a new member of my family. My son has now asked if he can have some female gerbils for his birthday in Feb, so watch this space.


Yes, I'm mad, I also have 1 hubby and 3 kids but I love it all!! Dyan xx

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Hi there,


Yes that's a good idea, I have thought about having my male guinea pig done so he can go in with the girls. They live in a converted shed with a big run attatched (I have a handy hubby who's a softy with animals too which helps) At the mo he lives side by side the girls with a chicken wire devide so he can see them and chat and do his dance to.


We've recently bought a new bigger shed that hasn't been put up yet, so my hubby was going to build space for Nibbles to go in too.


Fun isn't it, having these animals, take care, Dyan :D

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