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bantam question....

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.....hi there, we're fostering Dancing Gals titchy chicks and I was wondering how you tell wether they are POL or not. I know she didn't get any eggs from them, but the Silkie and the two Polands (who I am increasingly growing fond of... :lol: ) haven't got combs, just silly hair! They're not free ranging yet obviously as we only just got them, so I can't see them crouch or anything. I looked up the breeds yesterday and it said the Silkie should lay all winter (?) and the Polands too.

They really are the daftest things I've ever seen but the two Polands seem very very friendly, specially Dave who keeps coming up to the bars to sniff at Delilahs nose! Mind you, they're just like our big girls, do anything for mealworms! :roll:


Mrs Bertie

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