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my cockeral is a bit of balance

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well, in humans loss of balance can be something to do with ear infections or a problem with the fluid in the inner ear but in cokerels, I don't know.


You say he's "new". Did you get him from a breeder? If so, maybe a call to the breeder might help.


You could also try asking in the chicken clinic and/or phoning your vet.


Sorry I couldn't be of more help, other than in bumping this back to the top. Hope someone else can help.

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Arrietty my Orp has got dodgy legs and drags one leg. she can't walk properly and staggers and trips - but she gets about by jumping and walking with big deliberate strides - like someone who has neurological problems.


But its not really balence so it doesn't really help you


so I don't know why I've posted this really. :oops:



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