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Green 'Resolutions'

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I don't make NY Resolutions, but I would like to try and be a bit 'greener' over the next year. I've changed a lot since I moved here and got the chickens - no more chemicals in the garden, composting a lot more, recycling as much as possible. I've already got low energy bulbs in most things, I try and walk rather than use the car, although I admit I could use public transport more.

I would like to do the 'buy nothing new for a year' but have to admit that I don't think I could stick to it. I work full-time, in a job where I have to dress smartly, and I am busy outside work so I try to be realistic about what I can do myself.


So - I'm trying to set myself some goals for next year. At the moment, I am thinking around: (1) waste less food - I am guilty of throwing away an awful lot. I have discovered the 'love food, hate waste' website and I'm going to start writing meal plans and be more organised.


(2) use fewer chemicals inside the house. I have a cleaner, and I let her dictate what I buy (although I refuse to get Cillit Bang!) - she loves bleach.


(3) ... haven't come up with number three yet!


OK, over to you lot - what changes have you made? Any suggestions for small changes I could make? Is anyone else making 'Green' resolutions? Anything you have tried and found too difficult? I know lots of you are much more environmentally friendly than I am, what do you think are the 'worst' habits you see in other people?

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we get a veg box delivered every week, but would like to grow more stuff next year,


we also brew our own wine (from a wine kit, not fruit - might try that too)


I would like to get products with less packaging too, this really annoys me, I dont really know what to do about it though, except cook most things from scratch :shock: but I work as a teacher, I really dont have time to do that.


I get ecover (and shops own brand) cleaning solutions, our cleaner just uses whats in the cupboards, but would like to make cleaning solutions instead, I think that there is a thread on the forum about this somewhere, will look soon.


good luck with you NY resolutions.




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I wouldn't want to change what the cleaner likes - ours is so marvellous I just want to keep her happy!


I'm going to have less food waste when I (finally!) get my wormery so thats one covered for me.


I've started planting veggies and will plant more next year so thats a second one covered.


I'm also going to carry on buying secondhand clothes, I've found I get a real buzz out of it (anything or a bargain me!)


I cant think of a lot else right now.

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I'm not very "green" but try to do my bit by doing the following:


  • I recycle everything I possibly can - by shredding, council collections, charity collections or compost bin.
    I have a bokashi bin for food waste.
    I take "bags for life" to supermarket & try to not take bags offered when buying stuff in other shops.
    I reuse supermarket plastic veg/fruit bags for picking up dog poo :vom: which I try to move "off piste" rather than pick up and put in landfill.
    I recently bought a 5 litre bottle of Ecover washing up liquid which you can send back for free and get refilled.
    I collect any bits & pieces I can for the art department at school which would otherwise go in the bin.
    I shop in charity shops as much as I can.
    I'm trying to change all lightbulbs to energy saving ones.
    I make sure everything's switched off when I go to bed.

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The thread about cleaning products mentioned the book Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan. ISBN 1-671-53595-1 which Kate introduced me to a few years ago now.


I chose a few recipes, gathered all the ingredients and made up a few of them. They are brilliant. I still make them now - it only takes minutes.


Once you have the few ingredients you need, they seem to last for ages. I have a baisc collection which I keep in a plastic crate in the back of the cleaninf cupboard, with the made up products in front.


I started though by saving plastic containers - less going into landfill - and rinsing them. Containers like the Laundry Water ones, not strong chemicals....... although I did keep a couple of bleach bottles for the toilet cleaner.


I'm sure your cleaners would be pleased to think that you are thinking of their health as well? - breathing in all those products doesn't do anyone any good.


I'm trying hard to cut down on the maount of kitchen paper I use :oops: - I tried changing to an organic one but it was useless........ and I use loads :oops: I have been using less for a couple of months........... but I must try harder......

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I buy all my cleaning stuff in Makro in giant containers and then it gets decanted into smaller ones. Only things the cleaner really uses are Cif oxy whatsit and a floor cleaner as well as bleach in the toilets. All our washing powder and fabric conditioner also comes in the giant packages - keeps landfill down nicely.


I also keep all my lovely jute bags and shoppers rather than take plastic bags although sometimes I forget to take them out.


My friends call me the recycling queen too. I recycle everything I can and some things which I could put in the dustbin I save until I'm going to the dump (recycling centre!) with garden waste (I have 5 compost bins too!) and then I can recycle it there. I could get away with putting more in the dustbin as we have wheely bins and you can chuck anything that fits in those but I prefer to see it in the recycling.

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thanks for the above ... I already have an organic box, and I Freecycle as much as I can, to avoid it going to landfill.


I am going to look into the 'green' cleaning products, I especially like the idea of making my own. And - inspired by the item about ethical shopping which Egluntine has posted about - I am going to try and buy more local produce. I am allergic to most fruit except citrus, grapes and bananas, so I will still have to buy those - but no more veg flown in from abroad, if I can avoid it.


I just don't think I can commit totally to the 'buy nothing new', but I will be watchign with interest to see how people get on with this!

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