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Ideas to use up ham please!

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Anyone got any recipes to use cooked ham in please? OH works for a company that produces all the Supermarket Finest sausages and hams. They've had a staff sale and last night OH came home with 10 x 1kg unsliced hams and several platters of hand carved ham. Most of it is in the freezer, some will go into family christmas hampers. I have 2 whole hams in the fridge, we had pan fried ham with a fried egg for tea last night. Other than ham sandwiches, what else can I do with it? 8)

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Well, tonight I settled on a quickie stir fry type thingy :?

Boiled up a pan of rice, leave to cool. In a large wok fry a chopped onion and a red pepper until onion soft. Add diced, cooked ham and a couple handfuls frozen sweetcorn. Throw in the rice, season and add a good shake of Thai 7 spice seasoning. Finally crack a couple of eggs into it and keep stirring around until cooked.


All I can say is - YUM! (am now having a sneaky second bowl for supper :oops: )

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