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my chickens dont like layers pellets

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I`m quite new to keeping chickens,got an Eglu & 4 chickens in October one of them was poorly soon after I got her but she is fine now. My problem is they dont like the layers pellets very much. I give them lots of treats so I suppose I spoil them. They will only eat them if I mix with other things i.e. pasta,rice,potatoes and veg. During thi s cold weather I am giving them porridge which they love.

My question is can I give them too much porridge and how can I get them to eat pellets only out of their feeders.

Three of them lay quite large eggs & their shells are hard so I must be doing something right!! I`m still waiting for the one that was poorly to start laying.


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Congratulations on your chooks and it sounds like you love being their chicken mum :D


It would be best to cut down on their treats a little and only feed them in the afternoon as that could by why they are being fussy about the pellets.


Do you make the porridge with the pellets or just use oats?


I tend to make my girls porridge using the pellets, some grit, a little olive oil and some poultry spice pour over with boiling water until all is sloppy. The girls get this first thing in the morning so as to warm their tummies and then they just have pellets on offer until i get home.

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