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anyone got a budgie??

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I've had budgies for years, even had an aviary full for a while. Yes, they are noisy but they are lovely.


If you get a male chick, you can teach it to talk but be warned, YES they are noisy and they make a fair bit of mess, seed and feathers (and feather dander) all over the floor and the furniture but if you hoover regularly and don't mind a bit of mess, they're great.


Any more questions, just ask.


Here's our Harry, we got him when he was just a chick, he's 10 years old now, poor old codger sleeps a lot but he still has his sqwuarky moments.


oh p.s. best to get a large cage with horizontal bars, budgies like to climb up and down the bars and replace plastic perches with wooden ones of different sizes as this exercises their feet.


he used to come out a lot but he's too old now, we left the cage door open so he could come and go as he pleased so you do have to be prepared to pick up any little presents they leave but they're not like chicken poop, they're quite solid and easy to deal with.


he still likes to climb on the outside of his cage but he can't fly any more, if he trys he just falls to the floor :(





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He's a gorgeous colour Poet. :) Do you ever let him out to fly? (or would he not go back in his cage?)


sorry, i was just editing my original post to say about that :D

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