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2 page article on batts in the Independent.

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The article is about intensively reared broilers.


I was just about to post about this and have just watched the video. So upsetting, but all this coverage in the media is brilliant. It's bound to make some people, hopefully, especially, the supermarkets, think about the food they buy!


i can't get your link to work shirl so if anyone else has the same problem just go to http://www.independent.co.uk/ and click on the link "The true cost of cheap chicken".

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Thanks Poet. It's odd the link works for me :?


So chickens kept intensively for food aren't known as batts then? Is it purely a term used for egg producers?


Apologies for the ignorance. I use the term for both but I'm guessing incorrectly :oops:

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I've added my twopenneth to the comments on the site. I always read other people's comments too. I'd urge everyone to make a comment, they might just get read by the right people!

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