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water glug

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You may have to help them, if you can grab hold of one (easier said than done) and put the beak up to the nipple then drip the water on to it. I presume it's a super glug? Mine never got the hang of it so I ended up with an old glug for the big girls and a water dish with a dome for the silly Polands and Silkie.


Welcome by the way! :lol:


Mrs Bertie

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Just dribbling water out of the nipples when they are around might be enough to get them interested. If our 2 chickens see water coming out of something they spend ages pecking at it trying to get water even though they have a full Glug in their run. Ours seem to prefer drinking from anywhere except their Glug, puddles, garden ornaments, upturned flower pots, rain water from the bars of the run and the Eglu door, watering can, water butt tap, garden tap...

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I fyou are worried, why not put some water out in an old bowl? they won't have any trouble with that.


Mind you, you may well find they prefer the bowl to your fancy Glug - I'm afaid mine will drink out of the most disreputable receptacle rather than the clean Omlet kit - with the end result being that now I just fill up the two old dog bowls in the run every morning and don't bother about the other drinkers much!

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