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Omlet Coop Door with Alexa or Google home

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Hello every one,

I wanted to share a tip to make the door compatible with Google home and alexa.

This allows you to reopen the door and the light remotely if one of you hens is not in the coop. Or simply manage the programming of the door via home automation.

In my case I have a webcam that allows me to see if the hens are in or not, and depending on that I can reopen the door if I see that a hen is stuck outside and I can open the door in the morning from my living room :p

Of course, for this you will have to be a little handyman and have a soldering iron but the manipulation is super simple and does not prevent from using the door as before.

all you need is an Alexa google home compatible dual relay like this one: 

https://amzn.eu/d/56ngtrB Module de Relais Wifi Sonoff, 2 Canaux DC 5-32v Wifi 

Configure the relay on the smartlife application on the "momentary time" mode, I put 5 seconds to simulate the long press on the buttons. 

Then just connect the wires in parallel to the two buttons that control the light and the door (see attached image)


If you have any question, do not hesitate.










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