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Any opinions re: run size, please

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I'd like some opinions about the size of run my chickens are in.


a) the run is about 15feet by 4feet


b) There are 4 chickens - a Rhode Island, Sussex light, and 2 hybrid birds - all standard sized, no large heavy breeds or bantams.


c) They are out at the weekend to have the run of the garden, but Mon-Fri just now they are in the run the whole time becuase it's dark when we leave in the morning and dark when we get back.


I know that in terms of space-per-bird they're fine, but it doesn't give them vast amount of room to "play" in. I'm really loath to let them out during the day when we're not around becuase of the risk of foxes. I've had them 4 months and they lay every day and are healthy and seem happy - though they do "shout" at us in the morning when we leave for work - either to be let out or for some treats/cuddles!


Am I just being soft or am I right to worry?

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bokking gives me a terrible guilt trip.


I get really guilty aswell, :oops: . BC (before chickens) we used to go away every weekend in our touring caravan, now AC (after chickens) the trips are getting less and less and less because I cant bear to leave them, what am I like?! :lol:


Chickens are very clever you know!

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