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2022 Green Eglu Cube Mk 2, 3m run, lots of accessories EAST SUSSEX

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Eglu Cube Mk 2 coop in Leaf Green suits 10 small, 6–8 medium or 4-5 large birds. Excellent condition. Used for thee months only but it has been sitting outside so there is some rust and wear from that. The run is half dismantled as it had to be moved for storage and some of the run will need straightening out. Otherwise in excellent condition. 

Cube measures 1m but this comes with an extra 3m run.

Also included - brand new and unopened 2m clear cover, brand new clear wind break, handles, 1m perch, green shade cover, water and food containers, caddi treat holder, pendant peck toy, ladder, swing and pegs to attach the skirting to the ground. 

You will need to dismantle for transport. We live near Battle in East Sussex

The whole lot came to £1,200 in 2022. Looking for £850. A794E655-686B-42FA-A931-78D43A7C8B62.thumb.jpeg.dafb9b6b05c05b3bb334563981ce3ea1.jpegB34220A8-4441-4C1D-96C1-62A49C6890AC.thumb.jpeg.1162ad71c5e7e5e694d1264c0e24959f.jpegCEC0BFDC-C51C-4D0B-9033-6CF94025FCC1.thumb.jpeg.9d187b0469315e6689691898fe2896c9.jpeg53B46565-A33D-4ED9-9374-7EC4D534B4F7.thumb.jpeg.1c23a48389fce25736ab9c0e6cb51dbf.jpeg4858D520-6332-4FD4-87C0-FB3B227C678D.thumb.jpeg.26f58c331e389796f59feebbc36961db.jpeg2BAA0D81-4C33-4763-9928-2E2F1CDA5618.thumb.jpeg.6915cfcb7c4fd906bfc358dde7f6df0c.jpegB0F0C9FF-3AC5-43AF-A5D8-3B17BA673AEC.thumb.jpeg.51aa111291ea48e911af753667fb1737.jpeg5652869D-6188-4CB6-AE9C-558113BA11BC.thumb.jpeg.a6cefc837bcee40fa976941f65fa1217.jpeg63B581F0-A235-4792-B65C-7CD369A5E449.thumb.jpeg.4b9d94f90ce7ba91ad4c38c93e942f00.jpeg14E8590A-E125-4572-B268-C84A94B401C4.jpeg.1901a5591773c81f7e8351684c833dac.jpeg3708291B-2C1D-4818-942B-16D455E0089D.thumb.jpeg.87f741280aecab037489b3b377f7a4e0.jpeg



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