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Noisy duck, what do we do?

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Hello all,


I have 2 drakes indian runners and 1 girl indian runner, to even things up for Donna, 3 days ago I got a young (same age as others) cambell - now named Lucy - we have got her in with Donna most of the time, we have had all of them together in the garden, but the dominant drake just chases her all the time, the other two are OK with her in the garden.

Last night Donna quacked ALL night, the neighbour who always complains yelled out of window this morning when I let them out to stop the noise, we are at a loss to know how to proceed next to integrate this duck, shall we rehome the dominant duck who is very handsome and friendly to humans, comes to his name being called and otherwise is quite obediant, dog friendly.

Can anyone suggest anything, we do not want to send hiim back to breeder as she is necking lots of her birds as she is moving and wants less numbers.

How can we stop Lucy from being bullied?

I am in process of looking for a field to rent but have not in the last 2 months found anything, I would like to increase the numbers and have chocolate runners this year, as well as get Daisy, Vera and Bill of the canal and back with me - garden far too small and too many neighbours.

Thanks for reading long post.

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