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Mixing hens

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Hi first i would like to say i know i dont post much but i do not have hens yet so its a bit harder for me to help people lol but i have done a lot of reading in the topics since joining so im ready for when i do get my hens thanks to this site :D .


i have asked a few things since joining about breeds etc.. and just wanted ask something else We have found a breed we would like but we also would like and will take some ex bat hens but wanted to no due to there hard life will ex bats mix well with other breeds that are not ex bats or should you keep them apart for sometime before mixing them full time if it would be to hard for them we will just get a few ex bat hens and leave other breeds at first but want to find out if its ok to mix.

If any of you have any photos please put them up so i can see please.

i have been reading many books aswel over the last few months but just cant find out stuff out on this topic.


We will have our hens for this summer ( been along time waiting ) now its the new year we will be moving into our house and getting some hens sometime this spring - summer cant wait waited far to long after seeing all your photos of your hens it seems to be making time go slower lol

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Hi Wayne :D


I have ex battery hens and 'ordinary' girls :wink: I had 4 omlet hens with the eglu, and after almost a year ( mostly spent persuading OH) we got 4 ex battery girls :D


The original girls used to free range around the ex-batts in their eglu and get used to them, then they all free ranged together, and went around the garden in groups of 4 :lol:


Eventually they decided to mix themselves up in the eglu's I used to take them out and put them in the right ones :oops::roll: after a while I just left them to it :lol:


I think because the rescue girls can be quite poorly and very weak :( they definately need to build up strength and confidence before mixing them with the other chooks :)


Karen x

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