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One of my hens is laying soft shelled eggs (for 2-3 days). We have three hens. We know for sure which one it isn't, but we don't know which of the other two it could be. Is there any way of knowing? Do they show any other signs? What could be the reason for this? They are around a year old and have been laying well for several months. They have mixed grit in their feed every day. Can we give them anything else to help? Is it usually temporary?


Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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Everything they need for laying will be in good quality layers pellets. An excess of treats will upset the balance, so keep them to a minimum. It can be a temporary condition. A lack of sunlight will restrict their vitamin D production which is an element required to transfer Calcium from storage in the bones to the oviduct where the shell is deposited around the egg. What layers pellets are you using? Soft shelled eggs usually occur at the start of the laying period. To happen after a few months says to me that the Calcium storage is depleted or the  transfer mechanism is out of balance. For reference, the ratio of Calcium to Phosphorous in the fed should be 8:1, so check the label on the bag.

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