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Silkie unable to walk

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Our silkie is coming up to 2 years old.

She is unable to walk at the moment but other than that seems her normal self.

We carefully examined her and noticed a swelling around the hock joint (I think that is the appropriate terminology) in her left leg. She flinches when touching her left leg.

Is this swelling an injury that will heal or an infection / disease?IMG-20230501-WA0003.thumb.jpg.e17dbd337cafdd03e716e060849daa06.jpg

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The usual cause of leg injuries is either getting entangled and pulling free or being picked up by the legs (standard practice here it seems). They can also jump and land badly. Can't tell how bad it is from a photo so all I can suggest is a trip to the vet. It would be very cruel to leave her with a painful condition that isn't going to mend.

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