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Egg Yolk Peritonitis (Hormone Injection)

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One of my hens has been diagnosed with egg yolk peritonitis. We had a rough few weeks but she’s now almost back to her old self and is on daily antibiotics (forever). 

The vet has advised a hormone injection that’ll prevent eggs from being laid and therefore eliminate the risks associated with peritonitis. I assume this means no more daily antibiotics too. 

I’ve tried to Google this treatment to get a more informed idea, which has failed due to inconsistent information which is mostly from across the pond. Not sure if they use the same treatment, but both the price and time it lasts is vastly different to what I have been informed by my vet. 

My vet has quoted £150 and has said the injection will only last for 3 months. Does anyone here have experience with this and if so, does the above price and time frame seem accurate to your own experiences? 

There is only one hen friendly vet near me (who have been top quality thus far) so I can’t really fish around for prices. Would happily travel further though if what I’ve been quoted is grossly inaccurate. 

Many thanks. 

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I happen to be a vet who keeps chickens and I do a little bit of chicken work.

I'm assuming they're referring to the hormone implant which can be given? It's usually used for male dogs to suppress testosterone but is also used (off licence) in ferrets and chickens.

There are 2 doses, one size can last about 5 months, the other approx 1 year but it is very variable from chicken to chicken apparently. Takes a few days to take effect. In a very small number it may not work at all but when it does work it will stop ovulation and so remove risk of egg peritonitis happening again - best to discuss risks and benefits in detail with your vet as sounds as though they are switched on chicken-wise. 

And yes, £150 would be about average for this based on cost of the implant. 

Hope that helps and that she is soon fighting fit again!

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