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Reintroducing a hen

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1 of my chickens had to go to vets to sort out a vent issue. She was sore and red around the vent and was advised to keep her seperately. When she is fit again, what is best way to reintroduce her to her 2 flock members. They are housed in a 3m x 3m run. They have been separated for 3-4 days, but she has been housed during the day in a small animal run next to the main run, so they have been able to see each other. Should I be putting a barrier up in the run for reintroduction? How long to reintegrate them - probably a "how long is a piece of string" question! Tia

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As they have remained in sight of each other, simply putting her back in may be OK. I would normally re-introduce on neutral ground with plenty of space for them to manouvre out of trouble and also double up on feeders and drinkers so the girl isn't bullied away from them. Hopefully you won't have any problems. We've had separations from one day to two weeks without problems except one; two sister Orpingtons who had been together their entire lives. Separated them for 12 hours and they fought like mad when put back together!  Didn't expect that at all.

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