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Hen lost a lot of feathers while broody

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Hi all, we have a lavender Peking bantum (2 yrs) who is just about coming out of being broody. Three days ago she suddenly started molting extensively. She's lost a lot of her fluffy tail feathers and some feathers on her wings and neck.

I've checked her over for mites and can't see anything. The only thing that seems strange is that she has some black banding on an otherwise white rachis on her feathers. The other bantum she is with hasn't lost any feathers despite also being broody.

The molting chicken has lost a bit of weight while broody but is getting back to being active again and seems normal in herself.

Any ideas on what this could be? Could it just be an early molt brought on by the heat maybe? 

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You were right to check her over because being broody and sitting is an ideal breeding ground for parasites. Yes, it could be she has started moulting, but that is usually at the neck. More likely is she has pulled her own feathers out to get more heat to the (phantom) eggs. Sounds like she will be fine.

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