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speckeld sussex bantums rehoming and introducing pekins

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I recently got two speckled sussex bantums and two plymouth rock bantums. My main proiroty was that the breeds were docile and good with the children.


The two plymouth rock are lovely and getting really tame. The speckled sussex are really pretty but quite flighty and not very friendly.


I originally wanted to get pekins and wished I'd gone with my first instinct. Would I be able to introduce two pekins to my four bantums, how would I go about this?


or Is anyone interested in two speckled sussex bantums (they're black with white and irredescent flecks)?

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Are your speckled sussex bantams laying yet? I have one, and she has changed character completely since she started laying - I couldn't get anywhere near her before, but now she is the friendliest little girl of the lot. She lets me pick her up all the time, and is always the first to come and help me clean out the cube!

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I know how you feel leopardstar, we got some new chooks last year and 2 of them were so flighty it put me off straight away (one even flew on top of our touring caravan :shock: ) so they went straight back to the breeder and I got my lovely quiet cochins.


Good luck with rehoming. :)

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