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Rhode Island Red - White around eyes, bubbles

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Hi All,

Would appreciate some knowledge here, particularly if anyone else has Rhode Island Reds.

We're in the UK.


Ive attached some photos of our 6 month hen.

We got her at 3 months and she was sneezing occasionally. There were also some bubbles in her eyes.

Spoke to farmer we got her from, he assured me it was not 'Mycoplasma gallisepticum' and that she just had a respiratory infection.

He sent me some yellow powder he said was called 'Hydroxx' to add to water for a week which we did do.

(I've googled 'Hydroxx' and cant find any info?)


The sneezing stopped, but her eyes occasionally have small clear bubbles in them (not the white froth you see when you google it)

She started laying ok and is eating, drinking / sleeping as a normal hen would, but just seems a bit 'dopey' (lol) just less alert and slower i guess from our other hen but by no means lethargic.


Our 2 hens have been flocking together for about 2 months now and our other 3 year old hen is fine/ not showing any of these symptoms


In the photos you can see her eyes- They seem very strange to us; that the white around the eyes is really big compared to our other hens, even more so on one side (can see this in the head-on photo)


Can someone weigh in on this please?




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The white around the eyes is the eyeball itself. You wouldn't normally see that, but this hen has very large eyes in proportion to its head. I've looked at some breed photos and they don't look like that. Can she actually close her eyes? I wonder if there is some kind of infection in one or both making them swell, but she seems happy otherwise, so a bit of a puzzle?

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