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Chicken Storage Solutions

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I have a bit of a strange question I’m hoping someone can help me with!
As part of a Design project my daughter is designing a unit for us to store all our chicken related bits and pieces in - food, gloves, supplements, wellies, disinfectant etc.  
As part of the project she's trying to find out how other people store their chicken stuff.  
Does anyone have a photo of their chicken related storage solutions please?
Or do you know any retailers who sell anything related to chicken storage?
Any suggestions much appreciated
Thank you
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It's surprising how much space you need for chicken 'stuff'. Most of ours is outside in a barn; electric fences, runs, spare coops, windbreak, tarps. The feeders, drinkers, pellets (rearers and layers), corn treats, egg boxes, scoops, pot eggs, disinfectant, red mite killer and 'sickie' cages are in the garage, most in an old wardrobe or the old kitchen units. Obviously feedstuffs have to be in rat and mouse proof containers (dustbins). The hatching and rearing equipment is in a different wardrobe outside; incubators, electric hens and heat lamps with a variety of bulbs. All the medical stuff: bandages and treatments are in their own cupboard in the house to keep them away from humidity, together with leg rings and all the dog treatments and the first aid boxes. Poo picking bucket, pan and brushes are outside. The poo and bedding go onto the compost heap. We have Manuka honey in the fridge for injuries.

Wellies are used in other places so are by the front door (inside). Gloves are also used in other places but never near the chickens because they will 'spook'. We just wash our hands. 

You might find simple flat plastic boxes (labelled) will cater for most things and these can be stacked in a corner.

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