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Bumpa Bits - eating treats/seeds?

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I’m having to put a bumpa bit on one of my hens unfortunately as she has been pulling her own feathers out as well as one of the other hens ( the one who is bottom of the order, the other two are fine).

I understand she can eat and drink ok (they have a grandpa feeder and xl drinker) but what about treats and seeds? I usually give them some on the ground but will she be able to pick them up or will i have to hand feed?

and will she be able to pick things up off the soil? They free range (so it’s not boredom!)

Really hope this breaks the habit or will have to rehome her as cant have a separate run for her unfortunately……

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Depends how well the bit has been fitted. If it's only about three mm from the end of the beak it won't affect treats on the ground. But if it's a silly length, as a video I have seen, she will struggle even to eat from the feeder.

Not sure a bit will stop her pulling her own feathers out, but it will stop her chewing them off. There is a quill mite that burrows into the base of the feathers to feed on the blood. Is that the problem I wonder? She will be pulling her feathers out to relieve the discomfort.

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