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Chickens not laying

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I got my chickens on the 28th November 2007, it is now 24th January 2008 which is 57 days - 8.1 weeks. :? Someone said they saw marmite crouching but hes not a chickens eggspert (like me :lol:) They are Mrs Pepperpot and a rhode Island red (sorry about the vaugeness)


When could i possibly be expecting an egg.


aparantly they lay late in winter us this true :?:

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I got one of my hens on the 9th September last year and she didn't lay until 2 weeks ago. I know it's agony waiting :( A lot depends on the age and the breed. Some hens rest over the Winter time especially the pure breds.


Watch for the crouch and the little chicky dance.



It will be worth the wait.


Chili xx

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