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A couple of questions!!

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I've only been a chicken mummy for a little over a month now, so i'm still very niave to it all, so please can someone help me with a few questions i have :?


What is 'crouching' all about? :think:

And when your chickens start to lay their eggs do they normally lay them in the same place each time?


Well thats it for now, i'm sure i'll have other questions later on.


Thanks :)

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Hello :D


The crouching is what chickens do just beore they start laying, they bob down close to the ground, spread their wings out a little, and do a little tap dance with their feet :D


It's a sign that they are ready to be mounted by the cockeral, and unfortunately see you in that role :roll: so if you put your hand out to stroke one , and she bobs down, hey ho, and egg may be on it's way :D


They usually find somewhere to lay, and hopefull it will be in the nest box :roll: you can show them using golf balls, rubber or ceramic eggs where to lay, but if they freerange, just keep an eye, as one of mine lays under a bush :roll:


Good luck :D


Karen x

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Hello Jaz :D . Give it another month and you'll be an expert :lol: .


I love it when they crouch - it's so cute (and it makes them so easy to pick up!)


I read somewhere that it takes 26 hours to make a egg so a hen should lay one 2 hours later each day. Don't know how accurately they keep to that timetable though :? . I've not kept a "time of lay" diary (just a weight and "date of lay" one :oops: ).

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