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will orpingtons fit in an eglu or cube?

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Hello chicken people,

I really like orpingtons but they are big birds- will they fit in?Would they manage the steps on a cube?

Any other thoughts on cube v eglu also appreciated as i really can't decide which i want!(I have a medium size garden and two children .I am thinking of getting two chickens now and maybe another two in afew years time)


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If you are thinking about getting more hens I would recommend the cube. Chicken keeping is addictive and you probably will want more!! :D


Orpington are huge hens, you wouldnt get many orps in an eglu and the standard run would be quite small. We have 2 cochins and they are big hens also, we have 2 eglus between 4 hens and a huge walk in run we've just built.


Orpingtons are gorgeous though! :D


just had a thought....why not get bantam orpingtons and the eglu? - another option.

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I used to keep my huge Cochin in an Eglu, but she looks much happier now that she is in a Cube. It's not just the size of the sleeping quarters; there isn't much head room in the Eglu run for big birds.


I would say go for a Cube if you can afford it. The exercise of getting up the ladder does these big fat lazy birds good, and yes, they can do it.


The Cube run is so much airier and lighter, and if you have to keep your hens confined nearly all the time, you won't feel so guilty. I do think you need to buy one extension beyond the standard small Cube run, however.


The Cube makes a better use of space than the Eglu: the run doesn't taper, leaving useless space each side. Its width isn't any more than the Eglu run at its widest point: but beware of large gap you have to leave each side in order to be able to open eggport and door

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I've got two cochins and two brahmas in a cube. These are big girls and thay manage the ladder fine. They do try to cram into my eglu and it's tight even when one of them gets in. I would also recommend the cube. Chelsea is right when she says that chicken keeping is addictive. We were going to get four hens in a cube ...now we have 15 hens, 2 cubes and an eglu with three more hens ordered for later in the year.

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It's ok to move. I have three metres of run added to the cube and it can be done but it's awkward and takes two of us. I now leave the cube set up in a permanent position. I have dug out the run and filled it about 15cm deep with aubiose. I have railway sleepers around the outside in a vain attempt to keep the aubiose in when they are dustbathing.

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