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Cuttlefish as a calcium substitute?

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We live near a beach and recently picked up 40+ pieces of cuttlefish bone.


We were wondering whether this calcium rich bone, might be a useful substitute/addition to our chooks diet. We usually boil it up to remove any germs/bacteria and have used it to feed our giant African land snails in the past.


We feed the chooks layers pellets, which i know is meant to be a complete food but i was wondering if there were any known issues with cuttlefish??

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our local pet shop man gave us a load of broken cuttlefish bones for the chooks once. i ground them up with some baked egg shell and we added some to the girls' food for a while. Didn't do them any harm and I wouldn't have done it had the pet shop man not recommended it.


He told us to come back any time and ask for any broken bits.


They have oyster shell so i didn't see any harm in giving them cuttlefish.

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