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cymru calls

New owners - advice please

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Hi all


Yesterday we picked up 2 white call ducks, Ed and Daphne. We have set up a house and run for them and they seem happy, but when we let them out they don't go far from their pen. Is this normal and will they explore more when they feel more comfortable?


We would also like to know what treats we can give them, if anything, and how often? Is bread actually any good for ducks?


We have a large plastic container for them to "bath" in, but they need a little help in and out, would it be better to put a ramp or steps to help them get in and out?


Thanks for you help.

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Hi there! - I have 2 Khaki Campbells that I hatched. They sleep in with the hens and have a solid sand pit/paddling pool with a box next to it to step up - they love it and are in and out the water all day (see my pics a few posts down). Your ducks should gradually become a bit bolder and start exploring.


I've found ducks to be much more timid and they've only been coming up to me for the last couple of weeks (instead of running in the opposite direction :roll: ).They're 14 weeks now and have started..ahem..being 'friendly' although Mima's not laying yet. Mac lets me pick him up, and I cradle him like a baby and rub his fat tummy :oops: ...very sweet.


My OH gives them bread in their pond sometimes but they love whatever treats I give the hens - salad leaves, sprouts etc.

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Croeso CC


We got two mini Silver Appleyards in September and they were a bit reluctant to roam far from their run to start with but they did get more adventurous and go all over the garden now. They're still a bit wary of us and don't like us to get too close but they are getting used to us.


As for treats, so far they've only gone for mixed corn, wild bird food and dried mealworms. They also go mad for earthworms. I usually give them treats when I feel like it, which probably isn't a good idea, but then I am at work most of the week so they tend to only get treats at weekends.


Ducks are usually not very good with steps so I'd try a ramp to help them into their "pond".


Hope that helps.

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I have 2 call drakes and 2 khaki campbell girls.


I am sure your ducks will soon start running everywhere - mine charge round the garden all day. They're probably just finding their feet.


I have found that my calls are quite picky about treats - they won't even eat bread (i dont think it is suposed to be that good for them anyway) but they LOVE lettuce - the khaki campbell girls like sweetcorn to but the boys aren't so fussed.


Mine have the pond that the domestic fowl trust sell and they are often splashing on it. They struggled getting in and out so a friend kindly made me a ramp which they love and quite often use it for sleeping on as well as getting in and out the pond!





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I have an Indian Runner House duck Which I hatched.

She has a very large inflatable paddling pool outside(which she hates)

She much prefers the bath or a washing up bowl in the bath to duck her head and wash in.

Bread can be very bad for ducks, something to do with the yeast and fungus I think :think:

Plus it has very little nutritional value and ducks will put off eating their proper food if they think they might get some bread.

Do you have any pics of your duckies yet? :)

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