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Lone Ranger

How high should any fencing or netting be ?

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What sort of chickens do you have? The lighter the chicken, the higher it will fly, which affects the height your fence needs to be. Also, will the fence be close to the run? My girls have a naughty habit of flapping up onto the eglu run and trying to hop-glide over the fence if I put it too close :roll:

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My lot have got 4 foot Omlet fencing. When I put the eglu too close to the fence one chook used it as a launch pad and escaped into the rest of the garden. When she escaped it was set up like this:




But I've now moved it further left against the wooden fence and they've not escaped over the 4 foot (mine are Omlet hybrids with clipped wings). So I would think that if your area is 4x2m you might want a much higher fence as they'll probably use the eglu to launch over.

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