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where is the best place in essex for chickens.

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check out www.hensforhomes.co.uk


Based in Stebbing nr Braintree, Essex. Kirsty is very helpful and stcoks a wide range of POL birds, pure and hybrid. We picked up a Sussex Ranger and a Bluebelle from her this morning. £22 for the two.


Bluebelles are generally very calm, but the website gives all the info you might need.




Good luck, you'll love 'em.


Also, for feed, the garden centre at battlesbridge is very reasonable - sells layers pellets for £8/20kg

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Hi Cabbie,

I live in Dagenham in Essex and at the moment we have three hens from Omlet but if ever I need to get more I will have a slight problem as we have no transport so would have to look at places that would deliver our hens. This would mean that we wouldn't be able to actually choose individual hens and the cost of delivery is pretty high. :roll:


I have also found out that the vets around the corner to us advertises on websites that they treat poultry but it turns out that they do not and the nearest vet which would treat chickens is about half an hours drive away which poses a huge problem as, like I said, we have no car so I can only hope that our hens never get ill. :pray:


If you have a car you have an advantage and from what I can make out there are more hen breeders etc in Southend than there are in Dagenham. :)


Welcome to the forum BTW and I'm sure you will love having chickens as much as I do. :D

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