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Jean's great escape...should we clip her wings?

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Jean has started making a bee-line for our next-door neighbour's windowbox and sometimes laying an egg in there. None of the other chickens have ever tried escaping even though none of them have had their wings clipped but she is completely single-minded in her determination and we have to keep going and getting her back. Our neighbour is a very nice man, and we do keep him supplied with fresh eggs but we'd like to keep her at home!


Should we try clipping her wings? Or do we just have to accept that she loves our neighbour more than us?


Thanks :-)

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I would definitely clip her wings - she could escape to worse places than your neighbour's window box. It doesn't hurt, as you don't actually clip the wing - just the ends of the flight feathers. If you're unsure of where to cut, either ask someone who's done it or click on "guide" above, where it is explained perfectly.

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