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Eglu runway to escape!

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Well two weeks since we got the hens (still no eggs) and netting has allowed them to range a bit further since Tuesday, but Bella & Nutmeg had taken to sitting on top of the run - they have there wings clipped. Stressy chicken (Rye) who seems to get in a panic very easily took three days to work out how to get on top of the run and still seems to struggle.


I was watching them out of the window this afternoon and she jumped on the run near the eglu (lowest point) walked up to the far end of the run roof (highest point) and then flew over the pen netting. I was worried as she was very close to a gap in the garden out to open fields and a footpath - needless to say being the stressy chicken she is, once she was out she wanted to be back with the others so tried to walk through the netting - making herself easy for me to pick up and return.


I moved the netting even further away (I thought it was too far for them to fly over given their wings are clipped anyway!) - Nutmeg then got the idea and started looking at having a go - my, 'don't even think about it' was enough to stop her, but I can see I will not be able to leave them for a moment out of the run!


Bella my lovely chicken who has feed from my hand from day one and lets the children stroke her needless to say has been good all day - I never thought chickens could be such characters!



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