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on heat - off heat ?????

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Hello - Sorry to tho's whom have already viewed this but I posted it in the wrong place (still learning)

Firstly wishing you all a lovely day in the sunshine !


I am hoping to add 2 beautiful buff 'orpingtons' to my little flock of six 'girlies'

I explained to the breeder that I would like the orpingtons from about 18 wks - which is similar to the age that my others were when I got them a year ago.

The breeder has emailed me and asked whether I want them 'on heat or off heat' ???? I have looked in my books and can't find a reference to it.

Any ideas ?


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I assume she means that if they are "off heat" they are old enough to go outside, meaning they don't need a heat lamp anymore, and "on heat" means they are younger than 6/7 weeks so they still need a heat lamp to keep them warm. In your case you would want them "off heat" if you want them old enough to mix in your flock.



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