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Whats a Jasmine?

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Hi all! I was wondering what a Jasmine was? Is it crossed with a cream Legbar at all? I'm interested in getting either one or two blue egg layers, I really like the blue/lavender Araucana's and also like the idea of a French wheaten Maran for brown eggs. What are these breeds like?

If anyone owns some or has in the past, I'd love to hear a reply on what they are like. My mum and I have never owned chickens before so will only be getting a few 4-5 (5 if I can make her, and I shud as I'm buying most of the cube :wink::D thats blackmail for you! :lol: ) is that too many to start off with? About two or three of them will hopefully be Ex battery hens as well.


Thanks for reading this from a complete nutter like me! :oops::lol:


Alix :D

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Hi there, I have a Jasmine, she is a Cream legbar hybrid, not sure what she is crossed with though.

Here is a picture of her:



She has a lovley personalitly, very friendly and nosey, loves to be picked up and cuddled. She lays turquise eggs, but it is only about 70/80% chance you will get blue or green eggs of cream legbar hybrids, the pure breeds will definatly lay blue or green, but not as many as a hybrid would.

We started with 6 hens, then a month later got two more, and are now looking at getting some day old chicks in spring. Chicken keeping is adictive :shock:. One tip though, if you do decide to get a Jasmine, choose the one with the biggest "hair-do", they have more cream legbar blood in them, which means you have more chance of getting blue/green eggs.

I haven't kept the other breeds before, but we do have a speckledy, which is a Maran hybrid. She lays lovley dark brown eggs and is lovley to look at, very funny but doesn't like any human contact. She wont tolerate cuddles and kicks and fusses till you put her down, which can make her weekly health check almost impossable. She is lovley though, very pretty and comical :lol:.


Hope that helped



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Hi Alix & welcome to the forum.


A Jasmine is a very pretty blue laying hybrid which should lay eggs all year round.I believe she is a Cream legbar cross, & she can also be called a Skyline.

They are apparantly very sweet & have little feathery wigs.


I have a Cream Lebgar,who lays gorgeous blue eggs - there are some photos of her in my gallery,link below.


You can get varoius others to lay deep brown eggs,like a French maran which I also have.

A pure white layer is nice too, like a pure breed leghorn or a hybrid leghorn like a White Star (also in my gallery!)


Its lovely to start off with hens who lay different coloured eggs & also with hybrids & pure breeds,I think :D

Hybrids lay all year round & pure breeds stop for the winter months,but usually live a lot longer.

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Hi thanks for the replies so far! :D Hopefully if we can find someone who sell/breeds Jasmines/Skylines we will get 1 or maybe 2 as mum said then you would hopefully get one that lays blue eyes, way to go mum! (But again have to wait till we move which won't be till August to Norwich)


xChicken04x I saw the pics of Clover before and fell in love with her, shes just so pretty and sounds like a perfect hybrid to have, SO its all your fault :lol: my mum thinks shes also very pretty and likes the sound of them (being friendly and liking cuddles!). I just hope I can get through till August its soo annoying to have to wait so long but them I will be able to afford the cube by then :D , But I have to decide on the colour...I love the green but it would disappear with the grass...I do like the Pink!! (my inner goth is truely buried!) :lol:

Getting chicks in the spring no fair :wink: , I would love to do that one day. One of my mums friend use to breed Chickens and told me if I got some Auto sexed chicks (sex-linked) that you put a broody hen on some eggs for a (few) week(s) then after that put the chicks underneath and she'll think the eggs would of hatched! I don't think he should of told me that as I would love to do that one day!


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