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jane carter

Another dogs and chickens question

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I hope some one can give me some advice or reassurance. We already have 3 chicks in an eglu that roam free in the garden most of the time.


We have been offered a puppy that is a Tibetan Spaniel/Jack Russell cross and 15 weeks old.


Has anyone got and experience or advice on this combination as we don't want to be constantly watching one or the other of them with our hearts in our mouths. :?


Many Thanks



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the good news is that the dog is quite young so obviously can be trained :)


Although terriers being terriers (my MIL has one) they do have a natural instinct to chase anything fluffy. :roll:


Our chooks do not like MIL's terrier and have pecked her in the past!


If you do go ahead with the dog I would definitely start out with slow, gradual introductions on leads etc and plenty of stern commands. With it being a puppy I would imagine it will be more interested in playing/barking and being inquisitive at the moment so hopefully if they all get along they should all get used to each other. :)

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tibetan spaniels are lovely, but with having some JR in it, and at 15 weeks old, your puippy will have a strong chase instict. Best way is to let the puppy see the chickens without being ble to get at them to start with. ETA - also good advice from Chelsea about on lead introductions. :)

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