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chili pepper

How long for Cube deliveries.

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Hi all,


I homed 3 ex batts last April in an eglu but want to home some more, which will be coming out about mid March. I will upgrade from an eglu to a cube but was wondering how long from date of order it will be untill the cube arrives? I dont want to say i'll definitely home another 3 or 4 if i'm not sure i'll have the cube by then.


Thanks Kim

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Yeah, DH was asking me if we'd sell the eglu now we've got a cube... we'll get more chooks soon so for a while will need both, as a transition time until the chooks can all move into the cube together, but even after that I'm thinking of keeping the eglu... I thought I could use it if a chook gets unwell, or in case I get some more 8) .... or even to chook sit for other people while they go on holiday....


Though when I see how well they sell on ebay, it's tempting...


Congratulations on your cube purchase!!!

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I too was going to keep the 3 girls i've got now in the eglu until the new chooks arrive so that they can all move into the cube together. I thought this would minimise any squabbles as my girls all have their definite roosting places and was worried about newbies entering the already established flock.



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I'd keep the eglu as well as the cube. That way you could keep the girls housed but separated for a while and they could get to know each other through the bars. I kept my ex-batts in their cube and run and didn't allow them out until this week. When my other girls were out free ranging, they got most of the squabbles out of the way with the bars to protect them. We did this for about a month. When we let them all out together this week, there were hardly any problems at all.


And now when it gets dark, they all go off to their own little houses without any problems.


Keeping the eglu also means more chickens in the future.



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