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question re: laying and nesting boxes

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Another stupid question.


We have 6 hens - had them just over a week now - they were all 18 weeks when we picked them up.


When will they start laying?


We have covered over the nesting boxes, should we be doing this or should we leave them uncovered?


Also what do we fill the nesting boxes with - straw?


Sorry again for all the questions.

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Hi Snowchick


Most hybrids start laying when they are about 26 weeks or so, pure breeds can take longer. You will know when they are about to start laying when they begin to crouch and flatten themslves when you go near them (they think you are the cockrel!) If yours are only 19 weeks I would say you probably have a little while to go yet. the eggs will be worth waiting for though :lol:


As for the nestbox, I use Hemp/Auboise in mine which you can get in a big bag from horsey shops and it lasts for ages. I would leave the nestbox uncovered or maybe just cover at night to stop them getting into the habit of sleeping in there. :D

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