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hi just had cube and chooks this morning very eggciting, the chap from omlet put all four chooks in roosting box end. as yet almost three hours later they have shown no sign of comin out just havin the occasional look out. i know they need time to settle in, but do i just leave them be today or do i need to give them a push. have put in some marmite on toast as i have seen somewhere before just to try and tempt them.

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Aww bless them.


Will take a while for them to get used to their new palatial surroundings, as soon as one of your girls is brave enough to venture out the others will soon follow.


I hope you have no plans for doing any ironing, housework etc as you will spend at least 95% of your freetime out there with them - it's great! :D

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We're on day 2. Had to take time off work today to watch the girls - Just like having babies again! Noodle, our Pepperpot, is bigger than the other two and showed her authority yesterday by offering a swift peck to Penny (the next biggest). However, today she has become the most timid of the 3 and spends alot of time in the Eglu. When she does come out she keeps her head down and neck hunched firmly into her shoulders. Does that mean she is being subservient, timid, frightened or just plain cold? Tikka, on the other hand, the smallest of the 3, has been the first to take grapes out of my hand and seems to wandered around the run up to me to see what I am doing.


I can't believe how much fun it is watching them. Wife's not happy that the painting isn't getting done though! :oops:



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