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Frozen Eggs

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no, not some sort of fertility thing! I cleaned both the Eglus yesterday, in a rush as I was going out later, and when I took the lids off, there were two eggs in each. I put them on the patio table, as I'd got my wellies on by then and didn't want to go back into the kitchen with them on.


Inevitably, I then forgot all about the eggs. Unfortunately, there was a heavy frost last night :shock: when I went out this morning, one of them was frozen to the metal table, and the other three were looking very frosty!


Do you think they will be edible? I have left them in the kitchen to thaw out - I don't think I dare to give them away to anyone, but will they be ok to eat?


I feel awful, my poor girls worked so hard to produce them, and I don't often get four a day, and then I carelessly left them out. :(

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I know that you can freeze eggs say if you were to make meringue but didn't need the yolks , you'd pop them in the freezer til you wanted to make some custard or something so I don't think they'd be off - I'm just suprised they didn't crack cos frozen things eggspand :lol:

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well, although one was sort of stuck to the table with ice, they probably weren't frozen all the way through.


I don't like to give them away, so I used two tonight for an omlette, and they seemed fine. :)


I just feel rather guilty. I imagined my chooks looking out of the run yesterday when I'd gone out, and saying 'huh! All that effort and she doesn't even want them'. :wink:

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