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Top hen or tittle-tattle?

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When I got my new bantams there was a bit of fighting, mainly new girl Pepper pulling resident Angelica's feathers. I assumed that Pepper would end up as top hen as she was so aggressive, but now I'm not so sure. She still occasionally has a go at her, but on the other hand she seems to follow Angelica's lead a lot, and when Pepper flies up onto the eglu run or the nearby trellis fence (not a boundary fence, thankfully!), Angelica makes a real racket as if to protest! She (Angelica) also got stroppy when Nutmeg went to nest in the rockery, which is where Angelica normally lays if the nestbox is busy.


So, do you reckon she's top hen, or just telling on the others when they misbehave? :)

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