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Eglu and pekins landed but wont come out of eglu

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Chickens are easily upset by changes of environment, so I wouldn't worry if they are a bit shy at the moment. Just make sure there is food and water near the door so they can nip and help themselves, and give them time to adjust. Pekins are generally very tame, so I'm sure you'll have them quite literally eating out of your hand in no time :)

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oh that's a relief, they don't mind me stroking them and are very sweet. They aren't laying yet I don't think they are old enough. One of the girls came with mud balls on her feet, whats the gentlest way of getting them clean, do I just soak her feet in warm water.

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Use a bowl of warm water with some Ecover in it, then a quick warm rinse and a thorough dry with an old towel, or a hairdryer on a cool setting.


It might be a two man job.


You can carefully trim some of the feathers if necessary.

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