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James H

one broody chicken and another eating eggs - help!

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Can anyone give me some advice please. I have three pekin bantams and one - Blinky has been broody for about 4 weeks. I have been shutting her out of the eglu during the day to try and snap her out of it but this has caused problems for the other hen -Getry that has been laying ( My third hen hasn't startrd yet - they are about 9 months old.)

I was letting my Gerty in the eglu to lay her egg when she fussed around the door but about 5 days ago i saw her laying an egg on the garden and she had eaten most of it before I got to her. I haven't seen an egg since. I opened up the eglu again so she could go in whenever she liked but all that has happened is Blinky sits in there all day refusing to move!

I don't know if she is laying eggs and eating them or if she has stopped laying altogether. Don't know what to do to help either of them. If a hen has eaten opne egg does that mean she will always do it. Love them all very much but can't bear the thought of no more eggs for breakfast. Can anyone help please. Thank you. James

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I would suggest that you beg steal or borrow a wire dog crate and raise it off the ground on bricks, put food and water in it and put your broody hen in it.


This is the best way to snap them out of it quickly.


Failing that, frozen blue ice blocks in the nesting box, changed four hourly, turf her off the nest and close the Eglu door, and maybe supply another nesting box, such as a plant pot filled with whatever you put in the nest box, for the other hen.


Collect all eggs at the earliest opportunity....not always easy with other commitments, but it stops them getting ideas!


Re egg eating, it probably started as a result of an accidental breakage. Put a ceramic egg or golf ball in the nest. A few pecks at that might stop them, Wait until the broodiness is over though.


Good luck! :lol:

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