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No spring eggs yet in one year old chooks

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Hi there


Not been on the boards for a while, but can anyone help with my two lazy layers?


My two omlet girls (Henrietta and Charlotte) laid beautifully all last year, with nearly 14 eggs a week between them most weeks. Ths was great until they went into moult in the Autumn. Despite the arrival of daffs and sunshine in the garden now they've not started laying again. I've only had one or two eggs a couple of weeks ago, but nothing since :(


They only freerange at weekends and aren't laying in the garden, so don't think I'm losing any that way. They were wormed before Christmas, and each have a lovely set off new shiny feathers, rich red comb and readily crouch as I approach, so seem to be in the best of health. They have plenty of layers mash, fresh water and leftover organic veg (spoilt chooks), so I'm at a loss to know why I'm not getting any eggs at all.


Anyone else had this problem? Is it normal? What should I do? Suggestions on a postcard please, as the family is really missing our Saturday omlettes.



thanks so much


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Hello. Welcome to the forum.


Have they been wormed recently?


If not....I'd give them a course of Flubenvet.


A cargo of worms can stop them from laying, and it might not be obvious that they have got them.


Why not limit their free ranging to afternoons only at the weekend, and cut back on all food other than mash for a few day, so that they are only getting optimal nutrition for laying.


It should help. :lol:


Good luck.

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Maybe they're not ready yet, or maybe they are a bit under par from their moult. Try giving them a protein boost - tinned tuna (the sort in water, not oil or brine) or cat food in jelly (not gravy) are both good - then add in a bit of Egluntine's favourite, i.e. limestone flour, for calcium to make shells, and a bit of poultry spice for all round mineral goodness, and that should perk them up!

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