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what chuck is that

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i was hoping someone woudl know her as a lady i know was convinced she was any type of leghorn :(

are they know to take breaks of egg laying like she is doing was told she a reg layer and im sure seen the odd crouch any ideas, as i really want more eggs of her the one hse laid and the only one was grt size

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She's very pretty - I love the partridge-style stripes on her plumage, and those white earlobes are fantastic!


Could be a number of reasons why she's stopped laying - she might be about to start moulting (not usual this time of year, but not impossible), or she could just be a bit unsettled by the move and the nasty weather. Leghorns aren't known for their broodiness so probably not that.


Best to just keep an eye on her and be patient!

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Its prob the move. When Igot my leghorn she was laying but didnt lay for me for a few weeks, guessing it was the move. She now lays every other day. Is it possible she is laying softies and eating them? My White Star had a couple of weeks of laying softies, and Isaw her do it one day and the second it came out all the girls ate it within seconds.

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