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No eggs for nearly 2 weeks

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2 of my girls have stopped laying and I can't think why.


Their not moulting and seem happy enough. Poppy's cone is less red now, infact more a pale pink but Daisy's is still bright red, so why have they stopped? I know they haven't been laying for long, probably about 4 weeks up until they stopped.


The only thing I have noticed is their not eating as much but this is to be expected if there's no eggs being produced.


I've already ordered some limestone flour to give them some extra calcium.


Could it be down to the bad weather we're having at the moment?


Any advice would be very welcome :D


P.S Also been wormed recently and no mites to be seen.

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As they seem healthy and happy enough then I'd assume it was a temporary thing - it does happen. The wintery weather doesn't help as they'll have less daylight and maybe disturbed by the wind etc, putting them off.

I agree the extra calcium is a good plan, otherwise I'd keep an eye on them but not worry!

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