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Anyone joined two Eglu Cubes together?

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I am thinking about getting another cube.


I'm trying to see if I can somehow join together the ends of the two runs together (so they are facing eachother) and somehow alter the run wire to make a door, so I could still get in and clean it out!


I don't want them to be positioned next to eachother, I'd like them facing eachother (so the front doors face eachother but one will be on the left, the other will be on the right. Then the ladders won't touch. Hope that makes sense).


I have already hinged the end of my cube run so that the whole end opens like a big door (used someones idea on this site).


I can see how I can easily join them, it's just trying to figure out how I can make a door.


Any ideas are welcome.

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If you are going to join two cubes end to end, then you are going to be left with two run fronts spare, and both of those fronts have a door in them.


I would therefore get a strong pair of wire cutters and cut out from one of the run fronts the door and enough of the surrounding frame to include the two hasps that you lock it with. Then I would cut out a square hole in the side of one of the run sides, and fit in your new door and frame with cable ties. I would make the hole in the run side one hole smaller than the door and frame, so that you have an overlap of one hole all the way around.


This will make it stronger and more secure. Hope this makes some sort of sense :?


Good luck



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