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Hi, New to this so need some advice.

I have got two White Star hybrids which have been vaccinated, and three bantums which have not. Why dont pure breeds normally get vaccinated and what do i need to be concerned about with either the chickens or the eggs??

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I think it's to do with hybrids being bred on a larger scale - a lot of the hybrids that are sent out to suppliers are bred, hatched and raised in huge 'sheds', so you wouldn't want disease spreading through all the birds.

Pure breeds are generally hatched and raised on a smaller scale by breed enthusiasts, and I think are a bit 'hardier' and more resilient to disease.

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I wouldn't worry too much about your bantams not being vaccinated - chickens only get jabs for the serious diseases like Newcastle, Marek's and infectious bronchitis, and as a pet chicken keeper you are unlikely to have any contact with those. Some of mine have been vaccinated, some haven't, and I've never lost a chicken to an infectious disease.

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