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treatment for wood

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i'm new to this forum - looks like it has got lots of good advice :wink:


We are going to adopt some ex-battery hens soon and I have built a coop and run ready for them. What do people recommend for treating the wood?


The coop is all under cover, so should not rot, but I want to know what to do with the inside


Is there anything that the birds will not like?


Should I use fence panel stuff, or paint or ???


here are some pics...







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Hi Malc, welcome to the forum. Fab house you've built - what lucky birds! I don't think it matters hugely what wood preserver you use, but I would go for whatever makes it easiest to clean. Chickens produce enormous amounts of guano, which sticks to everything in sight! I would also suggest you get some Hemcore or Aubiose to put down on the floor of both the house and the run. This will not only absorb the poo, but will give them something to peck about and scratch in. We look forward to seeing photos of your girls when they arrive!

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