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BHWT Lancashire Rescue on 28th March

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Some time ago, Eglutine asked if I could suggest a nice tea shop you could meet up at if coming to collect girls from the 28th March rescue.


This is not an area I know and OH who does know the area a bit says that it is not blessed with cafes. There is a Little Chef and a Macdonalds as you leave the motorway but I dount they count!


I helped at another rescue yesterday (just under 300 girls re-homed :D ) and got the chance to have a word with Adele. She said there was a tea shop in Haslingden called the Victoria Tearooms. I have looked for a phone number and have found The Victoria Cafe 01254 386910. BB5 0PJ for those who use Multimap


My other thought would be that I am pretty sure that there will be a cafe at Winfields. You will see signs for this as you leave the motorway. They are a big complex selling shoes/ camping stuff and just about anything else you might want. Can't vouch for the cafe though.


Hope to catch you on the day.


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