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Mrs Frugal

Adding chicken/eglu pictures to your signature

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Before you start, ensure that you have "Always attach my signature" clicked to the "yes" option in your profile or your signature won't show up.


Also check that the "Attach signature (signatures can be changed in user control panel\profile\options) ticked when you make a posting. It should remain as default when you've ticked the box once.


To add the little Eglu and chicken pictures to the signature at the end of all your postings, you need to add them using codes.


Go to your profile (in the user control panel) and at the top left of the screen is an Options heading, under that you will see a tab for signature. In there, you can type in any of the following codes:


For all the codes, remove the * (don't forget the brackets/exclamation marks when typing them yourself) but don't leave a space where it was - I have to put the * in so you can see the codes or you'd just get the picture!


GNR – Brown Hen type in G*NR

PP - Black Hen type in P*P

(Bluebelle) – Grey/Blue hen type in (*Bluebelle)

(white chicken) – White hen type in (*white chicken)


(brown eglu) - brown Eglu type in (*brown eglu)

(red eglu) – red Eglu type in (*red eglu)

(orange eglu) – orange Eglu type in (*orange eglu)

(yellow eglu) - yellow Eglu type in (*yellow eglu)

(green eglu) – green Eglu type in (*green eglu)

(blue eglu) – blue Eglu type in (*blue eglu)

(eglu lilac) - lilac Eglu type in (*eglu lilac)

(purple eglu) - purple Eglu type in (*purple eglu)

(pink eglu) – pink Eglu type in (*pink eglu)


(cube red) - (*cube red)

(cube orange) - (*cube orange)

(cube green) - (*cube green)

(cube blue) - (*cube blue)

(cube lilac) - (*cube lilac)

(cube purple) - (*cube purple)

(cube pink) - (*cube pink)

!gogreen! - *!gogreen!

!gored! - *!gored!

!goyellow! - *!goyellow!


!eggwhite! - !*eggwhite!

!eggcream! - !*eggcream!

!egg! – !*egg!

!eggspeck! - !*eggspeck!

!eggbrown! - !*eggbrown!

!eggblue! - !*eggblue!

!egggreen! - !*egggreen!


(blackrabbit) - (*blackrabbit)

(whiterabbit) - (*whiterabbit)

(creamrabbit) - (*creamrabbit)

(ginger rabbit) - (*ginger rabbit)

(brown white rabbit) - (*brown white rabbit)

(brown rabbit) - (*brown rabbit)

(black white rabbit) - (*black white rabbit)


(guinea) - (*guinea)

(white guinea) - (*white guinea)

(brown guinea) - (*brown guinea)


(duck) - (*duck)

(white duck) - (*white duck)


!bee! - *!bee!

!beehaus orange! - *!beehaus orange!

!beehaus purple! - *!beehaus purple!

!beehaus red! - *!beehaus red!

!beehaus white!- *!beehaus white!

!beehaus yellow! - *!beehaus yellow!


(hatch) - (*hatch)

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